Donate My Points to Cole's Victory Lap - 200 Points

Cole’s Victory Lap is in honor of our precious boy who passed away at the age of only two. He fought for exactly 10 months and 4 days. It was not enough time for us but we will continue to let his memory shine in our community. Don’t wait to make a difference. Each year, the Upstate sees an average of over 50 new cancer diagnoses. It can happen to any child at any time and it does not discriminate. It is relentless and fierce and heart breaking. By supporting Cole’s Victory Lap, you are supporting children who are fighting cancer and you are providing comfort for families battling this rare and deadly disease with hope, support and funds. Cole’s Victory Lap has four key focus areas. Printed bed sheet sets, Drink & ‘Nack Cart, In-patient entertainment, and professional photographs. The printed sheets were something given to us during Cole’s treatment at Levine. This was a very intensive and scary treatment, but the smile on Cole’s face when his nurse showed him a Mickey Mouse comforter melted away the anxiety we were facing. We saw and continue to see how a simple set of fun sheets can turn a plain hospital bed into a little slice of home. The Drink & ‘Nack cart are 100% Erin as she always had a bag full of snacks in case Cole ever felt like eating. Calories are the main focus to “fuel the fight” so we make sure all the “good stuff” is ready to go for these warriors, their doctors/nurses, and their families. Also, being two, Cole called them “nacks” so that is what we call them. Having a distraction or some form of entertainment can be another way to make a child feel at home. We saw first hand the issues with iPads or Kindles trying to connect to Wi-Fi or anything else. So we bought Apple TV’s for all the rooms on the cancer floor and clinic and cover the subscriptions for Disney+ and Netflix. They even come complete with a green remote…just the right color for Cole. Finally, professional photographs are a gift we will always treasure and we wanted to share that with other cancer families. The family picks the time and place, we show up with our talented professional, and the family is sent a full set of prints and digital copies without having to add to the mountain of decisions on their plates.

200 Points